About MailChimp integration for Podio

This is an integration between Podio and MailChimp that will synchronize subscribers from lists to an app on Podio and vice versa. You can also synchronize your campaign reports from MailChimp to Podio.

If you use both MailChimp and Podio (or would like to!) this is an great way to make the two platforms work together and save time.

Podio is an online, social platform where companies can manage and collaborate projects and information. Being very intuitive and easily manageable, Podio gives companies a new way to communicate and cooperate, both internally and externally with clients.

MailChimp not only allows you to send and manage newsletters - it also provides a system to easily design templates, manage subscribers and gives an overview with detailed statistics.

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To get started with the integration click here to go to the front page and log in with your Podio and MailChimp accounts.

You can also read our FAQ here.

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This integration was made by Phases in cooperation with Podio and MailChimp.

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