Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the features of the Integration?

  • Two-way sync between your Podio App Items and MailChimp lists.
  • Create Contacts Sync or Campaign Sync.

When creating a Contact sync, all the contacts from the MailChimp list will be synchronised to a Podio App and vice versa.
Campaign sync will synchronize data from MailChimp campaigns associated to a list to the selected Podio app.

2. What happens if I reach the maximum hourly/monthly limit?

All further sync requests are ignored until the next month or hour begins.

3. I set up my integration - can I close my browser while the synchronization is running?

Yes, you can close the browser after setting up the integration. The synchronization will happen in the background.

4. What happen if I have a contact with same email-ID in Podio and MailChimp when I setup the integration?

The integration will check for this occurrence in the first synchronization. If both MailChimp and Podio have an item with the same email-id, the Podio item will remain unchanged and the MailChimp item will be updated with the Podio data.

5. What happen if a Podio item is not marked as Subscribed or Unsubscribed?

We will check for the email in MailChimp subscriber's segment. If the email is found in MailChimp subscribed list, then the MailChimp data will be updated with the Podio item data and Podio item will be marked as Subscribed. If the email is not found, it will be synced to MailChimp with status as Unsubscribed and the Podio item will be marked as Unsubscribed.

6. Can I bulk import data in Podio apps?

Yes, you can bulk import data in Podio and the data will be synced to MailChimp as per your plan hourly limit.

7. Can I bulk import data in MailChimp?

No, bulk import from MailChimp is not supported because of a limitation in MailChimp.

8. I can’t see my Podio app in the configuration list.

You can not use one Podio App for more than one integration. Once an app is used for an integration, they will not be shown for the next sync configuration.

9. We have Podio Contacts fall into different categories and want to send them different emails from MailChimp based on the category. Is it possible to sync one Podio App with multiple MailChimp lists?

MailChimp Sync for Podio doesn't support syncing one Podio App with multiple MailChimp lists however you can achieve this requirement with MailChimp Groups and Podio Categories.
Create a list in MailChimp and add groups into the list which will be same as Podio Categories. Using this list you can filter/segment the contacts when sending the emails.
How to add groups to MailChimp lists
How to send emails to a list segment

10. I made a change in Podio/MailChimp, but it’s not showing up yet - how often does the integration synchronize?

There is some limits in the data processing of applications which integrates with Podio/MailChimp data. So depending on the amount of data the application is currently processing, it may take a few minutes or up to a couple of hours to see the change in Podio/MailChimp.

11. Can I set up my integration with an app I created myself?

Yes, you can - you just need to make sure the following mandatory Podio fields are mapped correctly in the app for the integration to work:

  • Email field (has to be a single line text field or Email field)
  • Subscription status (Single choice category field with 2 categories - subscribed & unsubscribed)

12. I have created an integration, but it doesn’t seem to work. The data is not being transferred from Podio or MailChimp.

You may have exceeded the limit of your transfer. For the free version, the maximum actions allowed per hour from Podio to MailChimp and MailChimp to Podio is 100 each and the maximum actions per month is 100 each. For the premium version this is 1000 and 10,000 respectively. You can see logs of all the sync operations in the dashboard.

13. What is considered as an action?

Any add, edit or delete in any of the fields in your connected Podio app items or MailChimp list items will be considered as an action.

14. What happens when I delete an item from Podio or a subscriber from MailChimp?

We do not delete any data from Podio or MailChimp in order to avoid accidental data loss. Therefore you would need to manually delete the contact in MailChimp. If a subscriber is deleted from MailChimp the integration updates corresponding item in Podio as UNSUBSCRIBED. We can not delete items in Podio via the integration due to some technical limitations.

15. I have huge contact lists I import to Podio/MailChimp frequently. Is this ok?

Both premium and free integrations has a maximum limit and any requests that goes above this limit is ignored. You should not use the integration if your hourly/monthly usage is way bigger than these limits given. The script will automatically disable any integration which frequently goes far above the limits given.

16. I have some specific requirements for my Podio/MailChimp setup - can you help?

If you have some specific requirements, feel free to contact us and we will set up an online meeting. We are one of the first Podio Partner companies and we’ve implemented many custom integrations with Podio. You can contact us through

17. What data are synced to Podio for the Campaign sync?

In Campaign sync, the MailChimp campaign statistics as in the below list will be synced to the integrated Podio app.

  • Subject
  • Title
  • Sent Time
  • Archive URL
  • Number of Emails Sent
  • Number of Syntax errors
  • Number of Hard Bounces
  • Number of Soft Bounces
  • Number of Unsubscribes
  • Number of Abuse Reports
  • Number of Forwards
  • Number of Forwards Opens
  • Number of Opens
  • Number of Unique Opens
  • Number of Clicks
  • Number of Unique Clicks

The Podio app for Campaign data sync will be installed automatically while creating the integration.

18. How are the field types mapped between Podio and MailChimp?

MailChimp Podio
Email Single line text field, Email
Text, zip code, birthday, url Text field
Radio button, drop down Category field (single select)
Date Date field
Phone or text Phone
Number Number or text field
Groups*-Checkboxes Category field (multi select)
Groups-Radio Buttons Category field (single select)
Groups-Dropdowns Category field (single select)
Groups-Hidden Category field (multi select)
*Read question number 9 on how to add groups to MailChimp list.

Note: When you do the field mapping and choose a field from Mailchimp dropdown, Podio fields dropdown will list only the compatible fields as per the types mapping above. So for example, if you choose a Mailchimp field of type text, Podio dropdown will list only the Podio text fields.

As Podio has three email types and Mailchimp has only one type, it’s important to make sure you map the email field correctly.
When you are mapping Podio-MailChimp fields, you get the option to choose between the different Podio email types:

  • Home
  • Work
  • Other

Selecting any of these will have the integration sync the first occurrence of the specific type of email in the Podio item.
We’ve added an additional option here: ‘Any type’.
If you select ‘Any type’ in your mapping, the integration will always sync the first email in the email field, regardless of type.
New subscribers added from Mailchimp, will always be synced in Podio with the email type ‘Other’.

19. Data not syncing / mismatch in the count of Podio items and MailChimp contacts

The above situation might occur if ,

  • Podio items consists wrong/dummy email ids like
  • Items consists duplicate email address.
  • Items consists empty email address.
  • Empty data in Podio field which are required in MailChimp list.

MailChimp won't accepts any data if one of the above states exists.
Also, Integration won’t work if there is any authentication issue while connecting to your Podio or MailChimp account. We will send notifications to your email if this happen, so you can reconnect it immediately.

20. Is it possible to sync one Podio App with multiple MailChimp lists?

No, its not possible however you can achieve the same results using MailChimp Groups and Podio Categories.
Create a list in MailChimp and add groups into the list which will be same as Podio Categories. Using this list you can filter/segment the contacts when sending the emails.
How to add groups to MailChimp lists
How to send emails to a list segment

21. I have a suggestion for this integration.

Please contact us using the form here - support

Premium version

1. What is the cost for premium version?

The premium integration costs $9 per month(30 days).

2. What are the features of Premium version?

See the plans table and the general features.

3. Some of the apps in my workspace are not being listed when I try to add an integration?

Podio apps that are already associated with a Newslettersync integration will not be listed as they can only be used for one integration at a time. If you want to setup a new integration with the same app or list, you need to delete the existing integration.

4. I have made the integration, but I can’t see the sync is happening yet.

Please wait for few hours. The initial sync may take hours depending on the amount of data to be transferred. Contact us using support if nothing happens after few hours.

5. Is there any guarantee on support?

We provide email support and we will reply within 48 hours of receiving the ticket on weekdays.

6. We are a non-profit organisation - is there any chance you would sponsor a premium account?

We provide 50% discount to NGO/Non-profit organisations - please contact us with your details and we will setup your account.

Free Version

1. How fast will the accounts be synchronized?

Normally, the sync will happen within 5 minutes, but it can take up to few hours depending on the current server load.

2. Is there any guarantee on support?

It’s a free integration implemented and hosted by Phases for the Podio and MailChimp community and we do not provide any warranties of any kind. It’s a free service and customers can use ‘as is’. Phases can not be held accountable for any data loss, general reliability and/or loss of profit related to the use of this website. As such we not provide any support guarantee, but we always try to reply as quickly as possible. Please read the full terms & conditions here terms-and-conditions

Need help to Podio, or the integration? We’re one of the oldest partners